Manually importing assets into The Playground

Additional assets (images, video etc) for your campaign can be imported into the PLAYGROUND at any time. All assets are tied to your user account and are instantly uploaded to the cloud (CDN) for fast ad serving. 

To upload a new asset simply pop open the HTML and drag in your asset. If you drag in an image, The Playground will give you an <img> tag as well. You can just grab the URL or style the image to fit within your ad.

You can also drag the image into the CSS tab. This will wrap a url tag around it so you can use it as a background-image. As with the <img> tag you can remove this and just use the URL as required. 

Your assets are always available via the assets link in your user profile. 

There is currently no way to overwrite an old asset. To replace an asset you'll have to replace it and the reference to it.

For further assistance with asset uploading feel free to email


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