How The Playground works

The Playground is PLAYGROUND XYZ's online, cloud-based ad building tool. You should use this tool if you want to create and run PLAYGROUND XYZ ads. PLAYGROUND ads include; Side Push, Top & Tail, Super Skin etc.

We've created this tool with the user in mind. We don't want to force you to spend hours doing training. Everything should be grab and go using standards we're all used to.

All you need to get going is Adobe Photoshop.

Step One Design your ad

Each format has a number of easy to use Photoshop templates. Simply pick the format and execution you want to build from our build page and download it's corresponding PSD to start.

The PSDs have a number of shapes and guides to help you design the perfect ad. Most ads have a safe area that you should fit your design into as well as a background colour that we use to fill out your creative. 

Once you have finished your design export your creative as a PNG. You must also make sure that all system layers remain visible including the system code (top left corner) and background colours. 

Step Two - The Playground Wizard

All PSD templates can be dragged into the Wizard panel for one-click building. As soon as you drag your PNG into The Playground, the Wizard cuts your images, writes your code and will deliver you a fully working creative on a live URL. 

Step Three - Customise your ad (optional)

If you're looking to add any custom animation, third party libraries etc. you can by just adding them through standard HTML, CSS or JavaScript. To add to your creative simply hit the HTML, CSS or JavaScript tab.

Step Four - Deploy your ad

In order to ad serve the project it must be assigned to a Billing Account. Set up your own or you port the project to another account. Ad serving charges apply.

We're here to help you through building your first ad. Check out our templates today, register your account and start building! We can't wait to see what you make.


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