Tips for designing a great Side Push

Introducing the Side Push

The SidePush offers advertisers a high impact placement which pushes the publisher page to the side. The ad auto-initiates on page load and collapses after 5 seconds; users are able to close the add at any point.

What type of ads it's great for

  • High impact, powerful creative
  • Small amount of words 
  • One strong call to action

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

The Side Push is only visible for 5 seconds max. Keep your copy to one sentence and one CTA at a maximum. Too much information will overwhelm and reduce the impact of your Side Push. Copy is often hard to read large with line breaks every two/three words. 

Tips for designing a great Side Push

  • Keep your message short, punchy and easy to read
  • Keep in mind your message will be over multiple lines
  • Use dark colours to not be confused with page content (largely white)
  • If you're struggling to fit your creative within the safe area try the responsive template. The responsive template gives you more real estate to work with on larger devices.

Our favourite examples

You can view more Side Push examples on our Ad Showcase


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