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THE PLAYGROUND Quick Start Guide


The Playground is currently available to a limited set of users for testing purposes only. This product is still in development and constantly changing. To download the latest version of this document please visit:

User Login All users of The Playground need to create login credentials to use the system. You can create your own login at : We require all users to have ‘Pro’ accounts. To gain ‘Pro’ status please email with your username from your agency email address. We’ll update your account within 24 (working) hours.


  • login from Github not available 26/4
  • forgotten password emails currently do not work 26/4
  • Design Templates PSD templates are available for all standard Playground Formats.
  • You can download these templates at: 

Build Templates PLAYGROUND XYZ ads are all built from templates. These templates help you get going quickly without having to re-build core elements each time. All templates are available here:

Editing a Build Template

Once you’ve launched a template you will enter into the builder tool. It should look something like this:

The first step to building your ad is to clone the template. To do this simply type in any panel or click ‘file’ -> ‘Clone’. You’ll be assigned a unique ID for your ad. This ad is now yours. Only people you share it with will be able to see your work. Previewing your ad

If you hit the pink arrow (top right) you’ll be able to preview your ad in a handset preview.

Development Panels Left to right The Playground has numerous tabs to assist in the construction of your ad.


  • pre-defined notes (documentation) to help you get going with your ad.
  • HTML the HTML used to build the ad. You can place any HTML tags you like here. All tags should be within a component. See below ‘about components’ for more information
  • CSS for all parts of the ad. You’re able to create one stylesheet for all components within the ad.
  • Javascript you can put your own Javascript in here. The templates include commented sections within our standard functions. More information about our format specific Javascript can be found at:
  • Output The output is a live preview of your ad. You can set this to ‘auto-run’ or hit the ‘run with JS’ whenever you want your ad to run 

Asset Management

You’re able to upload any image assets directly into The Playground. These assets will be hosted on a CDN ready for ad-serving.

To copy an image in you can either:

  • Drag your file into the HTML panel. This will create an <img>
  • Drag your file into the CSS panel. This will create a background image URL. You can manage the assets you’ve uploaded at:

Ad-serving your ad

The ad-serving panel is currently under development and not publicly available. For the time being simply email your ad id to to get next steps, tags, testing etc.


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