Tips for designing a great Top & Tail

Introducing the Top & Tail

The Top & Tail reverses its position away from where the user is scrolling so as to minimally impact the browsing experience but keep the ad in view for longer. The top image renders as the user scrolls down the page and the tail image renders as the user scrolls up.

Works best for

  • Ads with a short messages
  • Ads without engagements

Tips for designing a great Top & Tail

  • Not all users see your tail. Make sure your Top can convey the complete message independent of the Tail.
  • If your message needs more than three frames it's probably not suited for a Top & Tail. Keep copy and messaging to as few words as possible for the maximum impact. 
  • Use the animated templates for additional Top & Tail frames

Our favourite examples

You can view more Top & Tail examples on our Ad Showcase


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