How to animate in the Playground

There are three main types of animations capable within PLAYGROUND ad creatives. 

1. Template Animations (beginner)

If you have no coding experience this is the best place to start. A number of templates have pre-defined animations that require no coding or customisation. Simply download the PSD, fill in the areas as described and the Wizard will automatically apply animations to your creative.

2. Custom animations CSS

CSS animations take the form of CSS3 Animations and/or transitions. You may want to use a combination of both depending on your requirements. Transitions are great for button based actions eg. set opacity to 0 on hover. Click here for a more detailed guide as to the difference between animations/transitions. 

3. Scripted animations

Scripted animations refers to animations triggered through JavaScript. Included in every PLAYGROUND build are a number of commonly libraries including jQuery and jQuery Transit. We recommend jQuery transit for it's simplicity and performance. 

When scripting animations be sure to review our article on jQuery Document selectors to ensure you're targeting the right document within your ad. 


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