Background and foreground colours

Most PLAYGROUND XYZ templates come with a colour selector. This colour selector usually takes the form of a circle (ellipse) on the left hand side of the PSD template.

Background colours 

Background colours are most commonly used to blend out your creative. Most of our creatives have a safe area we ask that you design within. The colour you select for your background will fill the remaining area. 

Foreground colours 

Foreground colours are most commonly used for buttons on your creative. It's important to make sure your foreground colour contrasts to your background colour is WCAG AA compliant. This ensures that all users are able to easily identify the button. You can test your colour ratios here.

How to change the colour selector

Each foreground and background colour will occupy it's own layer. The easiest way to modify the colour is to double click the layer thumbnail. This will launch a panel similar to below allowing you to select a colour.

Do not remove the colour panels on export

The filled colour circles on the left hand side of the page are used by the wizard for colour detection. If you remove or modify the position of these circles the Wizard will use the default colours. 


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