Tips for designing a great Super Skin

Introducing the Super Skin

The Super Skin allows you to align your brand with a publisher page in a way that has previously only been available for desktop advertisers. The unit includes a large branding header, full page skin and option for content to be housed in a reveal component. The ad is impactful for users whilst at the same time ensuring their browsing experience remains unchanged.

What type of ads its great for

  • Advertisers looking for a sponsorship type opportunity
  • Ads that have a longer message, complex interaction or engagement

Tips for designing a great Super Skin

  • Keep your message short, punchy and easy to read
  • Use bright colours down the skins of your page
  • Use the expanding panel for additional/secondary content.
  • If you don't have a reason for users to expand, just use the basic (non-expanding) template. Unnecessary components reduce the impact of your ad.

Our favourite examples

You can view more Super Skin examples on our Ad Showcase


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