Components of a PLAYGROUND ad

PLAYGROUND ads are unlike most other ad formats that fit within a single box. Our ads are quite literally outside of the box. Our ads typically consist of a number of components called documents. These documents use Iframes on the host page to display in different positions. A good example of this is a Side Push which comprises five documents.

In the Playground you only need to edit one set of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Our ad combines it altogether at run time to make sure the right things are in the right place. You don't need to worry about where these iframes are placed or how they function. 

The HTML tab references each of these iframes through a special xyz-component tag on a div. Anything within this tag is placed within its iframe.

The CSS is copied into every document. ie every CSS class/id is available on all iframes. You can re-use classes or have unique class names to target a specific element within a document.

Javascript is a little more difficult. When selecting/targeting elements you need to specifiy the document it resides in. You can find a more detailed guide to Javascript referencing here.



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