Adding video assets to a video overlay

Most Playground ads can be configured to include a Video Overlay. This overlay features an MP4 that auto-plays when the overlay is launched. All overlay modules include a ready to go video that can be replaced with your assets. 

To replace the sample video: 

  1. Open the JavaScript tab
  2. Look for the video url. It should look something like 
    var VIDEO_URL = 'https://d1d2migk6 ...
  3. Drag your new video into the JavaScript panel. This will upload your video and generate a new URL. 
  4. Copy and paste the generated URL into the VIDEO_URL variable

If all this JavaScript business is a little to complicated for you feel free to send your video file and build URL to us and we'll help you do the rest. 

Please also visit our guide for video size, file types and conversion tips prior to uploading. 

Good luck, we can't wait to watch your video ads! Let us know how you go! 


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