Video file size, file types and conversion tips

Mobile video is typically consumed over 4G. A large majority of mobile traffic is on 4G, high powered devices capable of playing high quality video.

MP4 files are generally the standard for mobile video. These files work on the native players in both Android and iOS. MP4s can be optimised to suit the screen they sit within and are reasonably light weight. The actual file size for your video will depend on a number of factors:

  • Duration (ideally keep your videos as short as possible)
  • Frame rate (the number of frames per second)
  • Resolution (the native size of the video)

Handbrake is free, open source software for Windows and Apple Mac OS that allows you to configure these properties to ensure your video is optimised for mobile. Handbrake will also convert .mov (and other file types) to .mp4.

For best results, we recommend using the iPod preset. This will set your video to export at 320x180 which is the same size as our typical video container.


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